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Makers and suppliers of Engraved and chemically etched Plaques and signs.
Supplied by Arro Signs, 7A Bemister Road, Winton, Bournemouth. BH9 1LF. Tel: 01202 546540.

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Quality engraved brass plaques and stainless steel plaques for your prestigious sign requirements. 

All signs are engraved or etched into 1.5mm thick specialized engravers brass.
Popular sizes available, Small at A5 size 210mmx148mm, medium size A4 size 297mm x 210mm,
 large A3 size 420mm x 297mm, EX large A2 size 594mmx 420mm.

To obtain a price for a plaque telephone us on 01202 546540.
 All prices given include as much text as required and includes logos.

Sign plaques are often supplied with solid hardwood bases made from either mahogany
 or oak and fixed with brass wood screws and polished brass caps.

Brass business plaques are used by solicitors and accountants, popular with the medical professions,
 doctors, dentists and opticians. ideal for business name plaques with logos.

 Contact us for advice where you can ask us about the sizes of plaques available,
 information about fonts and sizes and about logos and artwork required,
 prices are given over the phone or by return of email.

How To order a Plaque.

To give you a quote we will need to know the size of the plaque required and if there will be a logo on the plaque,
 we will need to know how many colours are going on the plaque and a rough guide of what artwork that you have available.
 Plaques are engraved or etched into 1.5mm thick quality polished engravers brass or brushed or polished stainless steel,
 Popular fonts used for engraving into plaques are Arial and Times New Roman, although any font can be used.

For the production of logo plaques we will require vector artwork sent to us as EPS files or AI files,
 JPEG files are for printing and can not be used for logo production on a plaque.
 If the logo is only available as a JPEG file we will need to vectorise it first before we can use it.

Once the price is agreed, we will send an email with a visual of what the plaque will look like,
 at this stage any corrections can be made of the wording on the plaque,
  the size of the lettering and layout of the text as well as verifying the spelling
 and checking the logo artwork if there is any.

There is no extra charge for how many letters or Logos that are on the plaque,
 our prices are purely based on the size of the plaque.
 Brass plaques and stainless steel plaques cost the same price.

 We need to know how many colours there are to be on the plaque, black is included in
 the price but every extra colour has a small charge applied as this does affect the price.

After the layout has been agreed, we will require payment by credit card or cheque.
  Cheques are made payable to Arro Signs.
Once payment has been received we would then proceed with the order and either engrave
the plaque or chemical etch it depending on the amount of detail required on the plaque.
 Text only plaques are engraved or etched while logo plaques are usually etched.
 Etched or engaved the finish is the same, both result in a recessed text and logo into the
 metal which results in a permanent and durable sign that will last for decades.
 Finally the plaque is sent via Parcel Force or similar delivery service.

All plaques are available with or without a hardwood timber base.
 We can engrave and etch plaques from 50mm x 25mm up to 1000mm x 1000mm.
 Our most popular size for business plaques is A4 size 297mm x 210mm
 which are usually supplied with hardwood timber bases.


Remember, for advice and a price either telephone us on 01202 546540 or email us.


Brass engraved or brass etched plaques are a prestigious and classic way to celebrate or commemorate an event.
 Whether it is an opening ceremony, a naming of a building, office or historical house
 you cannot go wrong with a traditional engraved brass plaque.
 Brass plaques are also popular for use as memorial plaques and as memorial bench plaques.

Accountants offices, Dentist surgeries, Doctors surgeries, Solicitors, Architects in fact all types of professional bodies
 use brass engraved plaques to either advertise the presence of their offices or show their professional qualifications.
 Business plaques which show the registered office address.

Brass plaques are used in hotels to name the different suites or room areas
 also on the doors to indicate either the managers /staff rooms.
 Public houses where the licensee has to be shown above the doorway. In fact wherever a classic,
 traditional and high class look is required an engraved brass plaque does the job.

Brass plaques are all made to order and to the size required.
 Brass engraved plaques can be supplied cut to an oval shape if required as well as the traditional
 rectangle and square however this can limit the layout of the text.

Brass plaques are traditionally ink filled in black however when a company logo is required a colour fill
 can be used however this has to balanced against the colour of the brass.
(Not all colours show up well on a brass plaque).

Nearly any font can be used on a brass engraved plaque although when a large amount of text
 is required it is generally better to use a standard Arial or Helvetica font for legibility.

Where a logo or very small text is required the brass plaque will be chemically etched.
 This process enables very fine detail to be achieved.
 This process is also used for crests, coats of arms, school branding or industry body logos.

Brass is characterised by its versatile properties which are modified by changing the ratios of copper
 and zinc and with the addition of other elements such as tin and aluminium.
 For high quality plaques specific engraving brass CZ120 is used. (59% Cu + 39% Zn + 2% PB) with a small amount of lead.

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Makers and suppliers of Engraved and chemically etched Plaques and signs.
Arro Signs. 7A Bemister Road, Winton, Bournemouth, Dorset. BH9 1LF. Tel: 01202 546540. 

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