Commemorative Plaques

We engrave into various materials using a computer-aided system. We also chemical etch into metal.
Engraving is the ultimate way of producing permanent signs which are very long-lasting.

Brass commemorative plaques are typically used to commemorate a special event, occasion or person. They are often used in public places such as buildings, parks, and monuments, and can be customized with text, graphics, and other design elements.

Brass is a popular material for commemorative plaques because it is durable and resistant to weather and corrosion. It also has an attractive, polished appearance that can enhance the look of a plaque.

To create a brass commemorative plaque, the design is typically engraved or etched onto the surface of the brass using specialized tools and techniques.

Commemorative plaques are typically affixed to a wall, building, or other structure to commemorate a person, event, or significant milestone. They can be found in a variety of settings, including historical sites, government buildings, educational institutions, museums, and public spaces.

Commemorative plaques often feature inscriptions that provide details about the person or event being commemorated. They may also include dates, quotations, or other symbols that are relevant to the subject of the plaque. Some plaques are simple in design, while others may be quite ornate, featuring intricate engravings, images, or other decorative elements.

Commemorative plaques are an important way to recognize and honor important people and events in history, and they can serve as reminders of the contributions and achievements of individuals and groups. They can also help to preserve cultural heritage and promote awareness and understanding of significant historical events.