Bronze Plaques

Engraved Bronze Plaques.

Bronze plaques are made to order, in various sizes up to 600mm x1200mm.
 Bronze plaques can be engraved or etched. Bronze plaques come in a thickness of 1.5mm.
There is a wide variety of fonts available. Standard fonts and the most popular fonts are
Helvetica Medium and Times Roman. Logos and motifs can be engraved as well as Crests.
The standard colour fill for Bronze plaques is Cream.
 The infill colour may be any colour you like as long as you have a RAL or BS colour
reference. We also match Pantone colour references.

Engraved bronze plaques are elegant and timeless tributes that showcase skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Typically made by etching or carving the desired text, artwork, or design directly onto the surface of the bronze, these plaques offer a striking contrast between the engraved areas and the polished bronze background. The process involves using specialized tools and techniques to meticulously engrave the surface, ensuring precision and clarity. Engraved bronze plaques are widely utilized for commemorative purposes, memorializing significant events, honoring individuals, or serving as informative markers. With their ability to withstand the elements and retain their allure for generations, these plaques continue to be cherished displays of recognition and remembrance in various settings, including historical sites, parks, buildings, and memorial gardens.

Cast bronze Plaques

Plaques made from cast bronze, black backfill and clear lacquer coated, raised borders.
 Maximum size available A2 size 594mmx840mm.
 Letters are cast in a roman font although other fonts may be used.

Cast bronze plaques are decorative and durable objects created through the ancient art of bronze casting. The process involves first creating a detailed mold or pattern of the desired design, typically made of clay, wax, or another material. Once the pattern is complete, it is encased in a heat-resistant material like plaster or sand to create a negative impression. Molten bronze is then poured into the mold, allowed to cool and solidify, capturing every intricate detail of the pattern. After cooling, the mold is carefully removed, revealing a stunning bronze plaque. These plaques are widely used for memorial purposes, historical markers, dedications, and other commemorative applications, as they combine artistry and longevity, enduring the test of time in various settings.