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Printed Oval Plaques

DURABLE GRAPHICS FOR DEMANDING EXTERIOR SETTINGS. Our digital anoprinting technology has been meticulously tailored to cater specifically to the needs of extreme environments. It meets stringent specifications, making it ideal for applications like cruise ship decks, where surface prints, even when laminated, rapidly deteriorate. As the graphics are genuinely sub-surface, there is no risk of peeling or scraping off, and the anodized aluminium proves inert, resilient to solvents, acids, and even paint strippers.

Digital anoprinting is a cutting-edge technique designed to embed full-color graphics within the robust anodized layer of aluminum. This method proves particularly effective for interior wayfinding signage in demanding environments like schools, where conventional signage is prone to damage. In settings where surface prints are susceptible to wear, such as museum displays, digital anoprinting enables the utilization of vibrant color graphics that withstand heavy use without fading.

Our digitally anoprinted signage holds certification for passing BS 476: Part 6: 1989 + A1: 2009 – Fire Propagation and achieving Class 1: BS 476: Part 7: 1997 – Surface Spread of Flame, ensuring its safety for use in high-rise buildings. It also complies with low smoke, zero halogen requirements, making it suitable for deployment in trains, aircraft, and other areas with specified standards.

The graphics are intricately formed within the aluminium oxide surface during the anodizing process. Utilizing a CMYK colouring system eliminates the need for white, allowing images to seamlessly blend into the surface. In instances where white graphics are essential, we employ specialized techniques to achieve this effect.

Brass Plaque With Shield Logo

The gleaming brass plaque was meticulously crafted to commemorate a momentous milestone in history – the illustrious 125-year journey of Kent College Pembury. With profound pride and unwavering dedication, it stood as a testament to the institution’s enduring commitment to education, inspiring countless generations of students to pursue knowledge and excellence. Engraved upon its polished surface were the names of visionary educators, the faces of brilliant scholars, and the cherished memories that had woven together the vibrant tapestry of the school’s legacy. As a symbol of unity and progress, the plaque served as a beacon, guiding the present and future scholars towards a brighter tomorrow, while preserving the cherished traditions that shaped the very essence of Kent College Pembury.

Engravers Brass

Engravers brass, also known as trophy brass or plaque brass, is a specialized type of brass material designed for engraving purposes. It is composed of a combination of copper and zinc, with a higher percentage of copper, which gives it a distinct golden appearance. Engravers brass is chosen for its excellent engraving properties, as it allows for precise and intricate designs to be etched or engraved onto its surface with great clarity and detail. The softness of the material makes it easy to work with, making it a preferred choice for crafting plaques, trophies, nameplates, and other personalized items. Its elegant and timeless look, along with its ability to hold fine engravings, has made engravers brass a popular material for creating customized and cherished keepsakes, awards, and commemorative pieces.

Brass Logo Plaque On Timber Base

A brass plaque with a logo on a timber base is a striking and professional choice for business office signs. The combination of the luxurious brass material and the natural warmth of the timber creates an eye-catching and sophisticated display piece that adds a touch of elegance to any office environment. The brass plaque showcases the business logo with precision and clarity, making it a powerful branding tool that leaves a lasting impression on visitors and clients. The timber base not only provides a sturdy foundation for the plaque but also adds a sense of craftsmanship and prestige to the overall design. This type of signage is perfect for displaying the company’s logo, name, or other important information at the entrance, reception area, or any other strategic location within the office space, elevating the business’s professional image and leaving a positive impression on all who encounter it.

Oval Plaques

Oval brass plaques are elegant and sophisticated display pieces made from high-quality brass material. Their distinctive oval shape exudes a sense of timeless charm, making them popular choices for various commemorative purposes, such as memorial plaques, dedication plaques, or recognition awards. The durable nature of brass ensures these plaques can withstand the test of time, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether used for honoring achievements, memorializing loved ones, or adding a touch of refinement to architectural elements, oval brass plaques serve as enduring symbols of significance and excellence, embodying a sense of tradition and prestige.

How Cast Bronze Plaques Are Made

large cast bronze plaques
Large cast bronze plaques

Cast bronze sign plaques are typically made using a centuries-old process known as sand casting. The first step in the process involves creating a pattern or model of the desired plaque design. This can be done using various materials such as wood, metal, or even 3D-printed materials. Skilled artisans or modern technology are employed to ensure precision and detail in the pattern.

Once the pattern is ready, the foundry workers create a mold from it. The mold is made by pressing the pattern into a special sand mixture, leaving an impression of the design. Multiple layers of sand and a bonding agent are added to reinforce the mold, and vents and channels are incorporated to allow the molten bronze to flow evenly throughout the mold.

After the mold has been created, the foundry team preheats it to remove any moisture and to avoid potential defects in the final plaque. Molten bronze, heated to an extremely high temperature, is then carefully poured into the prepared mold. The bronze fills the mold, taking the shape of the plaque design.

As the bronze cools and solidifies inside the mold, it undergoes a process called “solidification shrinkage.” This means that the metal contracts slightly as it cools, which can sometimes lead to imperfections in the final casting. Skilled foundry workers may account for this during the design phase or use additional techniques to minimize shrinkage-related issues.

Once the bronze has cooled and solidified, the mold is carefully broken open, revealing the rough casting of the plaque. The foundry workers then clean and refine the casting by removing any excess material and rough edges. This process may involve various tools and techniques, including grinding, sanding, and polishing, to achieve the desired finish and level of detail.

After the plaque has been refined, additional details or inscriptions may be added through engraving or etching processes. These may include text, logos, or decorative elements to personalize the plaque according to the client’s specifications.

Finally, the plaque is coated with a protective layer or finish to enhance its durability and appearance. This could involve applying a clear protective coating or patina to achieve the desired color and finish. The plaque is then inspected for quality and, once approved, is ready for mounting or installation, often on buildings, memorials, or other prominent locations.

In conclusion, the process of making cast bronze sign plaques involves skilled craftsmanship, precision, and attention to detail. From creating the pattern to casting the bronze and adding finishing touches, each step is carefully executed to produce a beautiful and long-lasting piece of art that can withstand the test of time.

Oval Shaped Brass Plaques

Quality engraved brass plaques and stainless steel plaques
 for your prestigious sign requirements. 

All signs are engraved or etched into 1.5mm thick specialized engravers brass. popular sizes available,
Small at A5 size 210mmx148mm, medium size A4 size 297mm x 210mm, large A3 size 420mm x 297mm, EX large A2 size 594mmx 420mm.

To obtain a price send us an email with your requirements.
All prices given include as much text as required and includes logos.